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Purlin Replacement

Corrosion of metal roof and wall sheets and purlins are due to atmospheric conditions, not enough cleaning, chimney/flue deposits, steel debris left on the roof, run-off or contact with chemicals. Damaged flashings that protect vulnerable areas of your roof can also cause waterproofing of the roof to be affected. Our extensive experience in sheet-metal work and a specialised purlin replacement tool allows us to replace corroded roof sheets and purlins with minimal disruption to the production of your business. We will arrange hire of cranes/ EWP’s and any other equipment that may be required to complete the project.



We can advise, supply and install a wide range of passive fire protection solutions and have expertise in fire protection, rigid and mineral fibre boarding, intumescent coatings, fire compartmentation and fire stopping.

We can provide fireproof insulation in many high temperature applications, usually but not always industrial in nature. Good examples are smelters, machine and heavy plant engineering, induction furnaces as well as furnaces and dryers in general, particularly but not confined to applications in the 500°C to over 1600°C range.

Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Services can custom manufacture a wide variety of sheetmetal products. Our workshop is well equipped with modern equipment including plasma cutters, metal guillotine, pyramid plate rollers and hydraulic press and knuckling equipment. We can supply materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, zincalume, zincanneal, galvanised sheet, mild steel and colourbond just to mention a few.




Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Fabrication are able to supply custom manufactured airconditioning ductwork high quality grilles, diffusers and ventilation accessories to trade customers and end users.


We can design, custom make and install galvanised modular airconditioning ducting to suit customer requirements.

General Sheetmetal

Other Services

Other services offered by Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Services include:


Purlin Replacement, Fireproofing, Airconditioning Ducting and General Sheetmetal Fabrication.

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