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Power-Stations​. Mining. Mineral Sands. Process Industries


Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Services range of insulation products, offers innovative and sustainable solutions for thermal, fire and acoustic requirements within the Power-station, Mineral Sands, Mining and Process Industries.

Services Offered include but not limited to: Insulation and Cladding of both thermal, cryogenic, and acoustic. New installations, maintenance, repairs to existing plant and shutdowns.


Effective thermal insulation is becoming increasingly important to meet

and exceed current international economic, environmental and personnel protection regulations.

Effective insulation greatly increase the amount of energy saved and  reducions in CO2 emissions, provide substantial measurable cost savings, even at permanently high temperatures common to power generation applications. Effective insulation can help to prevent potential injuries where operators may come into contact with

surfaces in excess of 55°C.


Mineral Sands

Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Services have been supplying and installing high quality insulation and cladding solutions to the mineral sand industries for over fifteen years. We can supply and install acoustic and thermal insulation and cladding to Electro-Static Precipitators, Inlet and outlet fans. All diameters of pipework, turbine and heat traced hoppers and compensators.



Mining/ Refineries


Bunbury Insulation and Sheetmetal Services are committed identify innovative and efficient insulation solutions which will functionally enhance your project and optimise your overall system performance.

Our dedicated technical team offers in-depth market knowledge, experience and expertise allowing us to provide the best value solutions, suited to individual plant requirements. Installing effective insulation that will result in reduction in energy useage, CO2 emissions, cost, noise radiation and potentially extend plant lifetime.



Process Industries

Our team of experienced sheetmetal workers and welders have been working with various process and manufacturing customers to improve their thermal efficiency and therby reducing their production costs.

Correctly installed insulation and cladding not only reduces opeating costs, it is also effective against condensation of pipework and vessels, which can be hazardous when allowed to pool on the floor.



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