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Stainless Steel Fabrication/ Winery

Wineries. Breweries. Dairies. Water Treatment. Process Plants


We are also proud to be one of the South West’s premier wine tank manufacturers and have built over 400 tanks since establishing our stainless steel tank manufacturing division.

Custom Made
Stainless Steel

After our initial on site visit and meeting, we will design the tank on CAD, which we will then e-mail to you for any required changes or modifications to be made, before we begin manufacture.


We can provide engineered drawings at an extra cost should you require them. All tanks are custom made to suit customer requirements, shed sizes and any other variables are taken into consideration during the design phase.


Depending on customer requirements vessels are made from either 304 or 316 Grade stainless steel. We can provide a list of fittings and accessories that can be positioned on/in the vessel to suit customer requirements.

Fixed Lines &
Glycol Feed/Return

We can supply all pipe, bends, valves, fittings and any other materials relating to installation of pipe work. Provide all necessary equipment including scissor lifts/boom lifts etc to carry out the required project.


Most pipe work can be pre-manufactured in our workshop to cut down on cost and time and will be transported to site for installation and minor adjustments.


Pipe work can also be insulated according to customer requirements.


Typical repairs and modifications would include :


  • Standard and special flanges and gaskets

  • B.S.M. fittings and unions

  • Bends 90 and 45 degrees

  • Tube concentric reducers

  • Tube Tees and Hose Tails

  • B.S.M. Nipples

  • All types of Valves



All insulation panels are pre fabricated in the workshop typically using 75mm thick polystyrene and clad with violet tone white aluminum powder coated flat sheet.


All horizontal seams are overlapped and sealed. All vertical seams are overlapped sealed and riveted.The top and bottom edges of the tank barrel are re-enforced with 25x25x3mm rolled aluminum extruded angle.Penetrations will be flashed and sealed, with custom recessed flashings fitted around sample cocks, racking valves and agitators as required.


Side man-ways are boxed with 80x40x6mm aluminum/ stainless angle frame rolled to radius. Frames are riveted to panel cladding and sealed at the tank surface with aluminum colour silicone sealant.




All modifications to wine vessels can be undertaken by B.I.S. and most projects can be done on-site with minimal disruption to production. Most modifications and repairs can be undertaken by our team of experienced tank fabricators /welders.



All repairs to tanks will be dual or purge welded, pacified and polished to a high standard.



Typical repairs and modifications would include :


  • Retro-fitting of Vertical/Horizontal cooling wraps

  • Refitting of man-ways

  • Racking and drain points

  • Temperature Probe

  • Sockets, sample taps, agitators

  • All pipe-work

  • Repairs to tanks that have been “sucked in” from draining




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